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Debugging with Truffle CLI — SitePoint

Source link Debuggers have been crucial software development tools for over thirty years. A modern debugger enables us to: run the code line-by-line set breakpoints in the code put conditions on the breakpoints evaluate expressions during runtime. Most modern debuggers are also highly integrated into development environments of languages they . . . Read more


Truffle Migrations Explained

Source link Migrations, generally speaking, are ways for developers to automate the deployment of data and its supporting structures. They are very useful for managing the deployment of new software versions, and as such aren’t exclusive to blockchain development. Truffle migrations enable us to “push” the smart contracts to the . . . Read more


Truffle: Testing Smart Contracts

Source link [ad_1] In our introduction to Truffle, we discussed what Truffle is and how it can help you automate the job of compiling, testing and deploying smart contracts. In this article, we’ll explore how to test smart contracts. Testing is the most important aspect of quality smart contract development. . . . Read more

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