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Venture investors and startup execs say they don’t need Elizabeth Warren to defend them from big tech – TechCrunch

Source link Responding to Elizabeth Warren’s call to regulate and break up some of the nation’s largest technology companies, the venture capitalists that invest in technology companies are advising the presidential hopeful to move slowly and not break anything. Warren’s plan called for regulators to be appointed to oversee the . . . Read more


Macquarie Capital Venture Studio adds three new companies to infrastructure tech portfolio – TechCrunch

Source link Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, the infrastructure-focused accelerator affiliated with the nearly $500 billion-dollar investment firm Macquarie Group, has added three companies to its portfolio. The companies, AirMap, Envoy Technologies and Teralytic, provide services in airspace management for drones, electric vehicle sharing services and soil analysis, respectively. Through the . . . Read more


As market shifts, Atlas Venture closes a $250 million fund to support its breakaway biotech bets – TechCrunch

Source link Atlas Venture, the Cambridge, Mass.-based early-stage, biotech-focused venture firm, has for the first time raised an opportunity fund designed to help it support its most promising, maturing portfolio companies. The $250 million fund, announced by the firm this morning, is pretty well-timed, as these things go. Though the . . . Read more

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