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The Architects of the Future – Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and e-Health

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The Architects of the Future – Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and e-Health

As we stand at the beginning of a new semester, our computer science students stand in a place to become the architects of the future. It is within the Internet and the Cloud that we are building a new World, and one which does not differentiate any class or nationality, as it completely inclusive for everyone in the World.

Few technologies have ever managed to make such an impact on our lives, and it is our new Computer Science students who will build these systems. In time, too, the Internet will improve our health and social care, and will deliver education to every single person, also providing everyone with a voice and a platform to showcase their talents (I appreciate that it can go the other way, and that it can provide a barrier to these things to, but our new architectures have the chance to improve things, and not see national or physical barriers getting in their way).

As students start their career in computing science, they must think clearly about their future, and position themselves to pick-up the skills that are required to re-architect the most amazing infrastructure that mankind has ever created: The Internet, and within the Internet we are building the most amazing building ever: The Cloud. As part of this there are so many new rock-star careers being created which will properly build it including for the great growth areas of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Cyber Security, and e-Health.

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The Architects of the Future – Creating the Virtual Infastructure for our Lives




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