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The collection and applications of big data – Full interview with Diane Schanzenbach | VIEWPOINT

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The collection and applications of big data – Full interview with Diane Schanzenbach | VIEWPOINT

The modern economy has never been more reliant on data. Businesses, governments, and families must navigate the complexities of a world made possible by new technologies and innovative business practices. Without reliable information about the economic and social environment, it is impossible in many instances to make sensible choices. Diane Schanzenbach and Michael Strain discuss the uses and benefits of the economic and social data that government agencies collect.

AEI & Hamilton Project report – The Vital Role of Government-Collected Data:

Michael Strain is Director of Economic Policy Studies and Resident Scholar at American Enterprise Institute:

Diane Schanzenbach is Director of the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution:

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00:00 Michael: We're very happy to be here today with Diane Schazenbach at the American Enterprise

00:04 Institute, a colleague from the Brookings Institution right down the street, Massachusetts

00:08 Avenue.

00:09 Diane and I have been working together on a report on government data and official statistics

00:13 and how important those are along with AEI's Nick Eberstadt and The Hamilton Project's

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