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The Future of User Interface — Voice Meets the Screen

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The Future of User Interface — Voice Meets the Screen

WillowTree CEO Tobias Dengel speaking at the Landmark CIO Summit in NYC, May 4, 2017. In “The Future of User Interface,” he addresses how to engage customers through a variety of targeted technologies like conversational interfaces. Instead of typing, tapping or using a mouse, we will primarily use our voices, but the response from our devices will vary among voice, text and graphics, depending on our context. “Multi-Modal UX” will be the biggest change in human interface design since the iPhone revolutionized mobile 10 years ago, and will change everything from how consumers buy online or consume content, to how employees in the field rapidly access information.




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00:00 what I'm here to talk to you about today

00:02 is the future of user experiences

00:04 Anthony was saying this is kind of where

00:06 it all comes together we believe right

00:10 now we are on the cusp of probably the

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