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The Rails of JavaScript – Peter Elbaum – Medium

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VulcanJS — worth the hype?

One new piece of technology that I’ve been really excited about learning is VulcanJS. The JavaScript world has notably been missing something like Rails for a while now. We don’t really have a solid full-stack framework.

Sure, there have been things like the MEAN stack in the past, but those are really all separate pieces that you can get to work together if you want. Projects like Sails.js never took off. As far as I know, there was no real definitive boilerplate, and even so, it was still a boilerplate. Not a unified framework.

Enter Vulcan. Vulcan, according to its documentation, is

a framework that gives you a set of tools for quickly building React & GraphQL-based web applications. Out of the box, it can handle data loading, automatically generate forms, handle email notifications, and much more

Woah. For real?

One of the appeals of something like Rails is that it makes trivial stuff that you have to do in every web app — signing up users, defining routes, setting up a database, etc. I’ve been wanting something similar for JavaScript, and Vulcan is aiming to do this with all the goodies from the modern JS ecosystem, like GraphQL. Nice!

I have an idea for a project I want to build that Vulcan would be perfect for, but first I need to learn the framework. So first, I set about to do the tutorial during Labs today and decided to live stream it.. It was fun, though I’d already recorded one YouTube video before I got started and was starting to lost a bit of steam.

You can find the stream here and the Vulcan docs here. If it looks interesting, I hope you get started! The community/Slack channel is really active and helpful.

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