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"Threads in Node.js" by Oleksandr Tryshchenko, DataArt, Wroclaw

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"Threads in Node.js" by Oleksandr Tryshchenko, DataArt, Wroclaw

There is so many prejudice, and gossips regarding “There are no threads” in Node.js however it’s not that straightforward as people often consider it to be.
Let’s talk about it and demystify the reality.

We’ll cover the following:
– Event loop
– Threads in Node.js core
– Spawning children. Why? How?
– What has been added in Node.js 10.5 and how it changes the situation.

02:54 What are threads?
13:19 Cluster
14:45 PM2
19:27 Worker threads
26:25 Limitations of Worker Threads
28:18 What we can use Worker Threads for?
34:44 References

Oleksandr works as a full-stack JavaScript engineer in DataArt. He’s OpenSource contributor and public speaker at conferences and meetups in Poland, Austria, Germany, Ukraine.

Node.JS Wroclaw hosted by DataArt





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00:01 today we are gonna talk about threads in

00:05 notes my name is Alex you can find me on

00:08 the Internet's there is my websites a

00:11 most prominent social network so there

00:13 is shorts mirror with links to social

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