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Thrinacia Atlas Web UI – Downloading files using SFTP

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Thrinacia Atlas Web UI – Downloading files using SFTP

This new Web UI development workflow is only for those users who are developers or technical users with development skills and who will be performing advanced customizations on their website UI, meaning those who will be significantly altering core UI and wish to be skipped from Web UI auto updates. Regular users who will be customizing website via our Administration panel and getting auto updates do not need to use this workflow nor read about it.

We have recently updated our Web UI development workflow in order to make the process more streamlined for developers while generating more optimized and better production-ready code. Also this change was made to speed up delivery of static resources from CDN thus having websites load more quickly.

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00:00 hello everyone and welcome to this

00:03 tutorial on how to download files using

00:05 secure ftp i'm going to be using

00:08 FileZilla for my SFTP software you need

00:14 to login to your nexus through neisha

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