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Transforming Big Data into Decisions by Andreas Weigend

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Transforming Big Data into Decisions by Andreas Weigend

Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist at and current director of the Social Data Lab has seen many B2C companies evolve their thinking and their effectiveness at translating big data into actionable insights. In his keynote, Dr. Weigend shares his views on what objectives companies should have when it comes to big usage and user data mining. He talkes about how to approach data mining practically, why both suppliers and customers must learn that they will need to ‘give to get’ and why it is so important to guide your search by asking the right questions.




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00:00 please join me in welcoming Andres

00:02 Wiegand who is now the director and

00:04 founder of social data lab ladies and

00:20 gentlemen it's an honor for me to be

00:22 here and to talk to you about the new

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