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UI UX Design Tutorial in Photoshop cc | 2018 | Airbnb Website Design Tutorial

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UI UX Design Tutorial in Photoshop cc | 2018 | Airbnb Website Design Tutorial

In this video you get to learn the techniques to create a website ui design in photoshop just like the airbnb website. This tutorial has been made keeping the design trends of 2018 in mind.
This tutorial was created by the founder of Graphic Workers Aditya Bhargava. This video consists of the overall process of ui design of a website in photoshop.

The process how the industry works is first these kind of wireframes/layouts are made in photoshop. then an front end designer creates the HTML code of the design. So try to catch up with the video and learn something good.

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This video shows how you can become an expert in UI Designer at home.
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This video covers : UI Design tutorial, UI Design, Website Designing, Web Design.





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00:02 hi so today we are going to learn how it

00:05 will create a website like Airbnb in

00:10 this video we are going to learn to

00:12 create of create the homepage similar to

00:16 something like the Airbnb website so as

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