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Varita Magica || Machine Learning | OpenCV | Raspberry Pi ||

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Varita Magica || Machine Learning | OpenCV | Raspberry Pi ||

Presento y explico uno de mis últimos encargos, una cerradura mágica que solo se abre al hacer un movimiento concreto con una varita mágica.
El proyecto combina Visión Artificial (OpenCV) para la captura del movimiento e Inteligencia Artificial (scikit-learn) para analizar la imagen. Todo ello metido dentro de una Raspberry Pi.

All The Colors by Dj Quads

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00:00 This is the lock already installed

00:03 I have installed it in this drawer,

00:05 at the bottom, I stretch it and the electromagnet

00:09 blocks the door.

00:12 I take the wand.

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