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What is Hadoop and Parallel Processing? | Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners | Big Data | Great Learning

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What is Hadoop and Parallel Processing? | Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners | Big Data | Great Learning

#HadoopTutorial | Learn more about our Big Data and Machine Learning Program:
This 15-minute tutorial helps you understand what is Hadoop and why is it important.

Key Learnings:
– What is Hadoop?
– Parallel Processing
– Working of Super Computers
– Challenges with Super Computers
– Evolution of Hadoop

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Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning
12-month program with classroom training on weekends + online learning covering big data analytics tools and techniques, machine learning with hands-on exposure to big data tools such as Hadoop, Python, Spark, Pig etc.

– 350 hours of learning with 200 hours of classroom sessions
– 7 Hands-on Big Data projects
– Dual Certification from Great Lakes and Stuart School of Business, IIT Chicago, USA
– 24×7 Access to Online Big Data Lab
– Exposure to different technologies like Hadoop, R, Python, Pig and Hive
– Continuous learning support from experts and the program office

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Who Should Go for this Course?

Technology or IT professionals with at least 2 years of work experience and comfort with using at least 1 programming language, who want to transition into Big Data Engineering or Data Science roles such as:
– Big Data Architect
– Data Scientist
– Big Data Engineer
– Visualisation Expert

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About Great Learning:
Great Learning is an online and hybrid learning company that offers high-quality, impactful, and industry-relevant programs to working professionals like you. These programs help you master data-driven decision-making regardless of the sector or function you work in and accelerate your career in high growth areas like Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & more.

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What is Machine Learning & its Applications?

Do you know what the three pillars of Data Science? Here explaining all about thepillars of Data Science:

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00:00 [Music]

00:04 before we understand what is Hadoop we

00:07 need to have a fair bit of understanding

00:09 about what is this distributed computing

00:11 all about this actually will give us a

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