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wireless syphon stream pixelmapping to a raspberry pi

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wireless syphon stream pixelmapping to a raspberry pi

in this video i try to show how you can pixel mapping like on normal led video walls ,
but with less expensive gear, i hope you get the idea behind that.

important: frames below 25 fps will look like stopmotion movies
reduce the quality
the content is 1920 x 1080 px scale down to the stream by resolume arena ( always use ssd for vjing with a high read/write rate)
test your ssd with
my stream send via wifi with a resolution 1280 x 720 px
and the tv got 1920 x1080 px

so the raspberry scale the input up, you can get better results by setting the raspberry output to the same resolution like the stream and let the tv do the rest

test your setup before you go play live,
always bring your own cabels and router to get the best results


all about syphon

resolume arena ( for video playback, and mapping)

tcpsyphon server ( stream video between apps in your local network, the sender on mac )

spout for windows ( stream video between apps in your local network, the sender on pc)

from here you need some coding skills to install and use
tcpclient for raspberry pi ( the syphon stream receiver)

to change the tcp client on raspberry via terminal commands
i use a iPad and an app called ssh shortcuts, maybe for Android is something similar
or use the terminal on your mac/ pc

ssh to your raspberry pi ip as admin


macbook pro 15โ€œ (2017) i7 2.9GHz 16 Gb Ram

external ssd SanDisk extrem

iPad 3 ( not really necessary)

a old fritzbox 7390 router (5 Ghz wifi and 1Gbit lan) here is the new model

Cat 6 ethernet cabel (min. cat6)

raspberry pi 3 starter set with a noobs img on sd card

or download an image for your own sd card

in a aluminium case with fan and heatsinks ( they get very hot when you run video and scaling)

leave a message if you got further questions

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00:00 hello I'm Frank from pixel Collison and

00:02 today I will show you how to set up a

00:06 siphon stream for you which is software

00:09 you know there are many possibilities to

00:14 connect your laptop to for example video

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